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#SoulProvidersLA   A film by Lisa Murray

The Artists & Creatives of the world inspire us to connect with more of who we really are.

Art and Creativity are vital to our existence.  It is how we allow our minds to open up to new ways of thinking, to solve problems, to relax, to dream, to feel, to move, to be moved, to think, to not think, to release, to connect... and so much more. I am immensely honored to be surrounded by so many creative people in my life.  During the worst time of my life, their creative spirits, them just being themselves, fed my soul until I was strong again.  

This film series is dedicated to each of the ten subjects who opened their homes and their hearts to me for this project.  It is also dedicated to everyone who has lost someone they loved deeply, the person or people in their lives who gave them a stronger connection to their soul, and then how their loss ripped that connection away (temporarily.)  May you each find your way back as I have.

Thank you to everyone who shares their inner vision with the world, you are healing people you don't even know!

We are all the world's Soul Providers.